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From the latest in home comfort equipment, money saving tips or even do-it-yourself instructions, read our blog to stay up-to-date on how to be a budget-conscious and efficient homeowner.

Why is my upstairs so much hotter than my downstairs?

Many people would tell you it is because hot air rises. While true, that isn’t the main issue in this case. The issue here is home zoning. We aren’t talking about the whether or not you could run a business out of your home type of zoning, we’re talking about your HVAC system.

What You Should Know About Air Filters

While your air filter in your heating and cooling system might look like a flimsy piece of equipment, it’s capable of a lot more than you know.

Covering Phoenix in Trees for More Shade

There’s been a local push to add more trees to the Phoenix skyline. More trees mean more shade, which can make downtown more comfortable and enjoyable.

Your Air Conditioner and the Phoenix Floods: What You Should Do

The recent flooding in the Phoenix area has been unprecedented. Using your air conditioner with flooded waters can be a dangerous situation.