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10 Family-Friendly Things To Do This Summer in the Phoenix Area

It’s a familiar scene: your kids are out of school, and they’re on top of the world...for about ten minutes. Then it’s, “Mom, I’m bored!” Here are ten fun, family-friendly events and festivals you can do with your crew this summer that will keep everyone having a good time.

4 Ways to Landscape Your Arizona Lawn with Water Conservation in Mind

It probably sounds like an oxymoron to suggest you can have a nice lawn in a city like Phoenix and conserve water at the same time. As far-fetched as it may seem, by combining some nature-friendly ideas with a bit of landscape planning, you can have a beautiful lawn that requires minimal watering. Here are four ways to conserve water and maximize the beauty of your Arizona lawn.

Getting the Most from your Tax Refund

The best part of tax season? That return! People do a lot of things with their tax returns, save it, pay off credit cards, splurge on something they’ve always wanted, or invest it. We think investing your tax return is a great idea. You should use your tax return in a way that makes you money.

Phoenix’s top allergies and how to fight them

Brace yourself: Arizona is one of the worst state for allergies. You may already know this as your body battles through sickness every spring. The most common cause for dry, itchy eyes, running noses, and congestion may seem to be dust, but there are many plant-based allergens that pop up once the weather begins to heat up. Phoenix’s most common allergens are: mulberry, ash, mesquite, ragweed, Bermuda grass, mold, and animal dander.