4 Ways to Landscape Your Arizona Lawn with Water Conservation in Mind

4 Ways to Landscape Your Arizona Lawn with Water Conservation in Mind

It probably sounds like an oxymoron to suggest you can have a nice lawn in a city like Phoenix and conserve water at the same time. As far-fetched as it may seem, by combining some nature-friendly ideas with a bit of landscape planning, you can have a beautiful lawn that requires minimal watering. Here are four ways to conserve water and maximize the beauty of your Arizona lawn.

1. Mulch like there’s no tomorrow.

Mulch is great. It regulates plant root temperatures, limits water evaporation, prevents weeds from growing and significantly prevents your lawn’s soil from crusting and cracking. When it comes to choosing between rock mulch and wood mulch, we recommend wood mulch—rock mulch actually heats up the soil underneath it, potentially scorching and damaging your plants. Also, rock mulch doesn’t limit weeds nearly as well as wood mulch.

2. Limit turf areas.

Did you know turf grasses like bluegrass and Bermuda grass are made up of 80-90% water? If water levels drop below 60% in turf grasses, it begins to wilt. Since we’re living in a mild desert climate, it makes sense from a conservation perspective as well as a financial perspective to limit (or eliminate altogether) the area in your lawn where grass grows. Of course, if you really miss a green lawn, you can always get a membership at a local golf course.

3. Go crazy with plants.

Even though we’re not living in the middle of a tropical rainforest, there are tons of beautiful plants that can thrive in a lawn that is conserving water. For colorful spring blooms, consider perennials like the desert marigold, prairie zinnia, or the rain lily. Also, succulents and cacti store moisture and withstand periods of drought. There are plenty of small cacti varieties.

4. Maintain your landscape with Earth-friendly fertilizer.

Consider using organic fertilizers to keep your soil in good shape. Organic lawn fertilizers not only add organic matter to your lawn’s soil, which improves soil, but chemical fertilizers can harm the environment by lowering oxygen levels in water as well as damaging your soil over time.


By employing these tips, you can save water, save money and have a fantastic-looking lawn, even when temperatures hit triple digits. You’re one step closer to having amazing Arizona curb appeal!