10 Tips to Beat the Heat

Rumors of 130 degree days may be the stuff of myths, but the end of June is known to bring extreme heat to residents in the Valley. Don't let the skyrocketing temperatures be the downfall of your summer fun. Follow these ten tips to handle the heat.

Don’t Waste Your Summer Adjusting Your Thermostat

Summer is the time for pool parties, bonfires, festivals and...adjusting your thermostat? Step away from your system and take a look at what you can do instead.

The Many Meanings of SEER

What is SEER, and why should you care? Let's break down the possibilities.

Don’t Be Fooled By These Air Conditioning Rumors

Now that you're setting up your air conditioning system for the spring and summer months, it's time to put the rumors to rest. FH Air Conditioning is putting an end to all of the cost-increasing, system-damaging, face-palming nonsense.

Amana Heating and Cooling Systems Are Changing the Game

We're sure getting an Amana Heating and Cooling System is beyond your wildest dreams, but there's no need to keep it there.

Rejected Candy Hearts: HVAC Edition

Ah, Valentine’s day. We all know what that means: a dozen red roses, a big heart box filled with chocolates, a romantic dinner for two, and a candlelit evening spent changing our air filters. Year after year, we send out recommendations for a new line of HVAC candy hearts. And every year, our hearts are rejected.

Bubble Wrap Insulation: Does It Really Work?

Bubble wrap is the hero we don't deserve. Is it the key to solving all of life's problems? Probably not. But on top of being fun to pop and great for packing, bubble wrap also works as an environmentally-friendly way to insulate your windows.

Ways to Prevent Flu in Your Home

‘Tis the season to pass around cold and flu germs in the home. One way to fight these tiny foes is to keep your indoor air fresh and clean—especially since most Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, including time at home spent sleeping, getting ready for work, or relaxing.

How to Maintain Proper Ventilation During the Holidays

The holiday season usually means your kitchen is working overtime. Which means ventilation issues may be on the rise.

Are There Critters Creeping in Your HVAC?

As we head into fall and winter, most Arizona residents are thankful they live in a climate that stays warm. People love the warm, sunny weather - but so do a wide variety of critters. You may not like scorpions, spiders and snakes, but they don’t know that. They’re likely to crawl into interior spaces you wouldn’t prefer to share with them, including your heating and cooling system.