Top Air Conditioning Problems in Arizona

When the thermometer outside starts creeping toward that 100-degree mark your air conditioner is going to begin struggling. Even running at maximum capacity, can only keep the air inside about 20 degrees cooler. Once the temperature goes past 100 degrees outside, the interior of your home still isn’t going to get much cooler than 80 degrees. Prolonged periods of scorching hot temperatures quickly burn up your air conditioner and may eventually cause your unit to tucker out.

How to Choose an Air Filter

You may know that air filters serve an important purpose, but you may not know the details of that purpose. Yes, they filter the air, but your standard model is designed more to protect your HVAC equipment from dust and debris rather than remove allergens and pollutants from your indoor air. Having knowledge about the different types of air filters can help you select the right air filter for your needs.

Common HVAC Problems Found During Home Inspections

It’s important to be aware of common HVAC problems when you’re buying a house -- but also when you’re selling. You can avoid getting citations on your inspection report by making sure the following heating and air conditioning issues are addressed.

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Our Heart for the Community

We have a heart for the community and know many of you do as well. That is why we are happy to support Military Assistance Mission’s Remembrance Ride taking place this April.

Learn the Effects of Humidity on HVAC Performance

The amount of humidity in the air directly effects the efficiency of your HVAC performance. When you’re cooling dry air in the summer, or heating dry air in the winter, your equipment has to perform longer and run harder if there’s not adequate moisture in the air.

The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important to anyone – especially if you have allergies. The health of your home’s air can literally affect your own health. Indoor air pollution could be affecting your health in ways you might not immediately recognize.

HEPA Filtration in HVAC

Most of the air in a home is continually recycled through its heating and cooling system. Over time that air becomes stale and full of pollutants unless there’s an indoor air quality system. An HVAC professional can help you select the best method for air purification, but one option is to install a HEPA air filter in your system.

What Homeowners Insurance Will Cover

Homeowners insurance isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ deal, and each plan is customized to the homeowner’s needs. However, there are common coverages among most plans; and most standard homeowner’s insurance plans (HO-3s) cover the dwelling, other structures on the property, personal property, and liability.

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