Doing It Yourself & Avoiding Home Improvement Disasters

Doing It Yourself & Avoiding Home Improvement Disasters

Smiling DIY HandymanIn this internet age, you can find step-by-step instructions for completing almost any task. Just type “how to ____” in your favorite search engine and you will be immediately treated to millions of results.

But just because the information is there, does not mean you should do it by yourself. For one thing, reading about how to do something and actually doing it can be very different.

When deciding if you should tackle a project yourself, make sure you remember these things.

Be Honest with Yourself

This is one of the best ways to avoid home improvement disasters. Nobody knows you like you do. Be honest with yourself about your skillset, your weaknesses and your strengths. If you cannot handle heights, don’t re-roof your home (especially in the Phoenix area heat).

Look Up Local Building Codes

The municipalities throughout the Valley of the Sun have similar but different building codes. Make sure you fully understand your city or county’s building codes before beginning any project. If you go the DIY route and fail to comply, you could be fined and ignoring building codes can also put you and your family in danger.

Cost vs. Time

Money is the main driving reason many Phoenix area homeowners decide to DIY. But what you may not have considered is your time. It has been said that the only truly limited resource in the world is your time. If you do-it-yourself, the project will likely take much longer. What is that time worth to you?

Jobs Best Left for the Professionals

There are many jobs that are great DIY projects. But to avoid potential home improvement disasters, we recommend leaving these to the professionals:

  • Electrical Installation/Repair – Licensed electricians must go through four years of classes and apprenticeships. Electricity can be extremely dangerous; improper connections can lead to electrocutions and home fires.
  • Heater and Air Conditioning Repair – An HVAC project may involve electricity, natural and/or natural gas. That is a lot of potential for something to go wrong if you do not know what you are doing.

We do not want to discourage you from taking on a DIY project – there can be a great satisfaction with a job well done (and money saved). But to avoid home improvement disasters, you must be smart about it.

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