5 Important Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before Winter

5 Important Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before Winter

Maintenance TasksAs we approach the end of September, cooler weather is not far away from the Mesa area (even if triple-digit heat is still in the forecast.) This changing of the seasons is a good time to get some regular maintenance done around your home before it gets cold.

Here are the top 7 tasks you should complete around your home before winter sets in.

Do some touch up work

The harsh Arizona summer sun can do a real number on the exterior of your home. Look for areas on the outside of your home where the paint has become chipped, worn off or has begun peeling. Areas that are relatively small can be touched up. Keeping the paint looking good will not only increase the value of your home but also helps protect the exterior surfaces, such as doors, trim and stucco.

Check the roof

Another way you can protect your home and keep it looking great is to ensure your roof is in good condition. Most homes in the Mesa area have tile shingles and sometimes our strong Monsoon storms can knock a few loose. Grab a ladder and take a look around your roof to make sure all your shingles are accounted for.

Use your green thumb

Late September and October in Arizona is a perfect time to plant. The days have cooled enough that new plants can thrive and the grown is not yet too cold. If you have a flower bed, Geraniums and Petunias work well in the Mesa area. Now is also the time to scalp your summer grass and plant your summer lawn.

Change your air filter

The changing of the seasons is also a good reminder to change your air filter. Our air here can be really dusty. (Think of all those haboobs bringing dirt to your home.) Before winter starts, make sure you check your air filter and change it if it is noticeably dirty.

Get a furnace tune-up

Winters here are not especially cold (unless you grew up here, in which case they are freezing!) However, it is still cold enough that you will want your heater working. Get your heat pump or furnace ready for winter with an annual tune-up, which will keep it running safely and efficiently all year.

Prepare your Mesa-area home for winter with these five important home maintenance tasks.