How to Stay Warm Without Your Home Going Up In Flames

How to Stay Warm Without Your Home Going Up In Flames

Home heating fireTemperatures in Fountain Hills and the East Valley rarely dip below freezing. Other states laugh at our Arizona winters (or flock here to escape theirs.)

Yet when the weather does cool, we love our heaters.

We have fireplaces, furnaces and space heaters to get us through those few cold days a year. But don’t let your inexperience with these warmth-creation devices lead to a home heating fire disaster.

Winter Means More Home Heating Fires

According to Your furnace should be inspected and serviced annually by a reputable heating company, according to the NFPA. You should also have your chimney and vents cleaned and inspected before using your fireplace.

  • Educate your family – Make sure your children know to keep at least three feet away from any heat sources, including fireplaces and space heaters, at all times. Even when not in use, children should know to stay clear. Heaters can remain hot for hours after being turned off.
  • Burn wisely – Make sure your fireplace has a metal screen or glass front to keep ashes from falling into your home. You should also only burn, dry seasoned wood to prevent creosote build-up in your chimney.
  • Prepare your home – Even if you take the above preventative measures, you should still prepare for a home heating fire by installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

Only You Can Prevent Home Heating Fires

(We may have borrowed and altered those words from a famous talking bear, but they still apply.) Even though winter here is short, you can do your part to make sure your home is safe for your family.

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