Should I Turn Off My Home’s Air Conditioner When I Go on Vacation?

Should I Turn Off My Home’s Air Conditioner When I Go on Vacation?

Energy efficient home graphicTo escape the dry Phoenix-area weather, many of you will probably be going on vacation for a few weeks.

So should you turn off your air conditioner to lower your electricity bill?

Well, it depends on this one important factor:

Do you have something in your home that could be damaged by extreme heat?

Think about expensive items that could be harmed by heat damage while you’re gone.

For instance, extreme heat can warp or crack fine wooden furniture or cabinets.

Think long and hard about other items that could be harmed- because saving money on electricity isn’t worth ruining something expensive in your home.

Follow this to-do before you leave on vacation with your air conditioner on

If you do feel like you need to keep your air conditioner on, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t run more than it needs to while you’re away.

To do that, you’ll want to follow this to-do list:

  • Turn up the thermostat setting (SRP suggests setting it at 85 to 87 degrees)
  • Add shade outside all sun-struck windows. If you stop the sun before it has a chance to warm up the window’s glass, you’ll will reduce the amount of heat entering your home.
  • Close your interior blinds and drapes to block out the sun.
  • Place several large buckets of water in your bathtub to help add moisture to your home. Ask one of your neighbors to refill the buckets as needed.

How to cool your home before you return from vacation

Whether you turn your thermostat up or just turn your air conditioner off, you’re not going to want to return to a hot, humid home after your vacation.

A programmable thermostat is your best friend in this situation.

You can select the “vacation hold” setting which will set the thermostat on higher temperatures for the days you’ll be gone and then a return the temperature to normal on the day you return.

Learn more about programmable thermostats.

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