“When Should I Get My HVAC System Serviced?” Remember This One Simple Rule

“When Should I Get My HVAC System Serviced?” Remember This One Simple Rule

Air conditioner being serviced.I’ll cut to the chase: everyone says you need to get your HVAC equipment serviced/maintained at least once a year.

It’s recommended by

But why is it so necessary? And when it should be done?

We’ll give you a simple rule of thumb to determine when you should have your system serviced and tell you why it’s so stinkin’ important to have it done.

HVAC maintenance rule of thumb

Are you ready? Here it is: call for HVAC maintenance the month before your extreme seasons start. This is also known as a “pre-season check up”

Simple, right? This usually means you need to call for service on the last month of spring and fall. In the Phoenix-metro area, that means around April for your air conditioner/cooling unit and October for your furnace/heating unit.

This makes sense if you think of your HVAC system like a car: If you were going to take a long road trip in your car (we’re talkin’ cross country here), would you go get it checked out to make sure it’s in tip-top shape? Unless you wanted to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you would!

The same kind of thinking applies to your HVAC system. You’re using your HVAC system constantly during the summer and winter, so it’s like you’re driving with it “cross country.”

Now that we’ve explored “when”, let’s go into “why” this is so important.

Why you need HVAC maintenance

There are three major issues that can come up if you don’t get annual maintenance. Notice that these three things aren’t something that happen suddenly. They creep up on you over time due to long-term negligence.

  • Higher energy bills– That system you love for its energy efficiency does not stay energy efficient unless you keep it maintained to perform its best.
  • Lifespan shortened– HVAC systems have an average lifespan, but failing to keep it updated will shorten it’s lifespan, meaning that you’ll be shelling cash out for a new system earlier than expected.
  • Number of costly repairs increases– Going back to the car analogy, you wouldn’t drive your car and not add oil or fill your tires until something breaks, right? That would be an expensive way to drive! Similarly, you don’t need to use your HVAC system and not get it serviced until something breaks. Also, a system is most likely to break when you’re using it heavily. So do you really want a broken air conditioner in the middle of the hot Arizona summer?

Cool maintenance and energy efficiency resources

Make sure whoever you hire to maintain your HVAC system covers this checklist by ENERGY STAR. You can compare this checklist to Fountain Hills Air’s HVAC maintenance checklist to see how we stack up.

ENERGY STAR also shows you other ways you can efficiently heat and cool your home to save money year round.

It’s not too late to get an air conditioning tune-up in the Phoenix area. If you have not had yours serviced yet, contact us today.